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IP CCTV System Installation in Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire

Secure Home in Town Suburbs

Electric Spider Ltd is a specialist company delivering innovative IP CCTV Systems and digital security solutions. We are recognised as a leading provider of high quality CCTV and digital security installations for the domestic and commercial sectors in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and surrounding areas in the North Midlands.

Unique Security and IP CCTV Systems

There is no size fits all when providing a security solution and our design services will build a unique CCTV and security solutions for every client whether residential or commercial.

Our CCTV, IP CCTV and all security equipment is provided by leading global brands and not some of the cheaper equipment on the market which soon disappoints as quite often it is not the correct equipment to use.

Residential Security

Electric Spider takes pride in protecting your home and family with the best solution available. Our experienced engineers are skilled in home security and CCTV system installation - working to the standards demanded by NACOSS, the National Approved Council for Security Systems and SSAIB

We provide you with unbiased, expert advice on the best solution for you - here are just a few options

Picture of green tick Pet-friendly security systems

Picture of green tick Integrated wireless security and intelligent home security systems

Picture of green tick Monitored CCTV and security systems

Picture of green tick Outbuildings, stables and garage CCTV and security systems

Picture of green tick IP (computer network) based CCTV and security systems

Commercial Security

Electric Spider's experienced and professionally trained team are skilled in designing and installing CCTV and electronic security systems for commercial offices, retailers, licenced premises and many other businesses and organisations.

Picture of green tick Wide range of CCTV systems

Picture of green tick Wireless intruder and alarm systems

Picture of green tick Access control systems

Picture of green tick IP (computer network) based CCTV and security solutions

Picture of green tick Integrated security solutions

Already have a system? - maybe you could benefit from an upgrade

We can help you assess the effectiveness of your existing system.

You might not be using the best CCTV cameras?

Does your CCTV need to see in the dark? - our cameras work down to zero light levels and over 50 metres.

Need to capture vehice number plates for security reasons? - we have cameras able to accurately record this information and in zero light as well.

Can your current system send an email alert or snapshot when motion is detected? - a great way of being notified of a potential problem.

Want to see your systems over the internet and on your smartphone or similar smart devices? - no problem all our systems can do this.

Upgrading can help save money by using IP based CCTV and security equipment - wireless, and it can also use the same network cables if you have a network already.

Alarm system not serviced recently? - criminals look for old dirty and rusty alarm boxes on the wall - chances are the system just doesn't work properly!


We also offer a bespoke service to suit any and all requirments

If you would like to know more about our security solutions or you need some help with the systems you have installed currently -

Email our engineers or

Contact Electric Spider CCTV on 01335 216217

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IP CCTV System Installation and Servicing in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and the North Midlands.

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