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CCTV and Surveillance Systems

If you are looking for the best option for security, staff monitoring, general observation or something more specific for high value assets, you should consider the use of a cctv system based on modern technology.

Electric Spider engineers have many years experience in the design and installation of cctv systems. If you have an existing system that is not delivering what you need, it's likely with some careful and considered engineering, you could be using the most up to date high quality cctv equipment to give you piece of mind and real control of your home, business, property and high value assets.

The options are many, sometimes the technology can be confusing and getting it right can be a challenge. That's why a system delivered by Electric Spider engineers can avoid all those headaches.

We have all the options and the experience to "get it right!"

Lets look at some of the options.

Choosing a CCTV System

Check our web page of useful information that can help you clarify your thoughts about what you might want and need.

CCTV Cameras

The choice can be bewildering but be careful that the camera really does "what is says on the tin". Whether you want to observe and/or record footage as well in your home, business or any other owned property, you need to select the correct cctv equipment.


If you have a computer network already or are thinking or installing one, we have the best ip based cameras and recording systems availbale in the United Kingdom. We don't just say it, we know becuase we test anything we rececommend and supply as part of your security solution.

Infra-Red CCTV

Day and Night cameras are often a favourite for both internal and external systems. Correctly selected and installed , these can really be your eyes in total darkness. Full colur and high definition images by day are automatically adjusted to monochrome but still retaining high quality resolution as light levels decrease - and it happens automatically as a result of the quality electronics in the cameras we supply.

CCTV Monitoring Stations

Whther you have your own security office or you want a remote monitoring service - we have the solutions to provide you with full monitoring when you are away or busy doing something else. Our remote monitoring centre is staffed by some of the best trained professional "guards" with many years experience. If something advers occurs, a properly managed log is created and loca police are called to invetsigate.

Fibre Optic Cable CCTV Systems

Although still generally found in high value CCTV systems, costs are gradually becoming more achievable for manu businesses. The main benefit is that they provide interference free high quality image quality. However, we pride ourselves in using only the highest quality copper based cabling so we are confident that any of our copper based system are a pretty good match.

Traditional Analogue versus Digital CCTV Systems

The traditional so called analogue system still has it's place and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future but there is a increasing trend in the use of digital based cctv ssytem, We mentioned above the advantages of using ip based cameras if you already have a computer network and the use of ip based cctv and other ip based technologies such as alarm systems can provide a really comprehensive security solution.

Contact us at Electric Spider CCTV and we'll help you achieve exactly what you want from a CCTV system.


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