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CCTV and Surveillance Systems for monitoring and observation systems

With so many different types of cctv cameras available, it's very important to make to correct choice that matches you needs and storage requirements.

Electric Spider CCTV engineers not only evaluates new technologies but assesses your unique requirements before we make our recommendations.

We are a vendor neutral business and believe in a best-of-breed approach for all our clients.

The good news is that with such a vast range of cameras available, there will be a camera of high quality build that can fit most environments - even the extreme conditions presented by industry, manufacturers and exposed external locations.

Most of our cameras are more than capable of repelling vandal attacks and with a variety of quality electronics onboard, they are capable of high resolution even down to virtually zero light levels.Image of dome camera

We have a wide range of housings to suit all type of enviroments although the most popluar camera installed over the last few years has been the dome camera.

The picture here is a typical dome camera which can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or attached to a swan neck and braket suitable for wall corners or extending its location away from the wall to which it is mounted.

In external environments, the face shown is replaced by a solid polycarbonate cover which can have as smoked appearance, disguising the direction in which the camera lens is pointing.

Fast becoming popular is the use of IP based cameras which connect to a computer network enabling local view and internet viewing using common browser software or the system's own software which extends to a fully fledged camera management system.Image of bullet style camera

The camera shown here is a "bullet" style unit. Fully weatherproof and made to high engineering standards.

This unit has the ability to send recorded footage to a remote server unit using FTP and can be accessed by any phone capable of connecting to the internet. There is also the ability to have the camera send you images via email - using motion detection triggers, periodic "smaps" and a range of other triggers and alarms.

We could never be able to show an example of every type of camera or option available - this webpage would be too long!

However, we can help you with any kind of appliaction that your security system need to meet and will have a camera that can "tick the box". What's more we ensure that the camera meets exacting build standards abd wont break down due to poor manufacturer build quality.

If you would like to know more about cctv cameras, find out what they do for you or get some more advice, conta us using the details on our website here We will be pleased to hear from you.


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