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Electric Spider CCTV Support packages

Regular maintenance of your CCTV and electronic security systems is essential to ensure that the euipment is working correctly and give you piece of mind.

All too often we hear about systems that have not been maintained under a formal contract and the moment they are needed - CCTV footage of a crime - the system owner discovers a camera is not working or the system hard disk has failed. Even worse, the date and time are incorrect, negating the option to pass the evidence to the police to support a prosecution case.

A maintenance contract with Electric Spider guarantees a response from qualified engineers. We are different to many other companies in our industry as we are family owned and managed, and our core value is that we treat all our clients as if the system was our own.

Maintenance Contracts to suit you

We can tailor effective, reliable maintenance packages for all kinds of systems with site reports, post-maintenance visit and advance notification should a call-out be needed.

We have three grades of maintnence package - bronze, silver and gold.

Bronze Package: Bronxe Support Package

  1. One onsite maintenance visit per year
  2. Guaranteed 4 hour response
  3. Technical helpdesk telephone support
  4. Full system report by email.
  5. Special contract call-out fee, 35% off standard call out fee
  6. Direct debit payment plans

Silver package: Silver Support Package

It's the same as Bronze but including one emergency call-out during year plus

Routine system checks conducted from our office via Broadband to check on the overall "health"of your system.

Gold package: Gold Support Package

This package is only available if Electric Spider have installed or upgraded your system. Same coverage as Silver plus comprehensive parts coverage but excluding battery packs and any other consumable parts.

If you need something different, we will be pleased to discuss your particular requirements.

Remote Servicing

We are very keen that all our clients have a internet link through which we can, by agreement, access your CCTV system. This allow us to provide remote diagnostics and servicing. Most of the time we can fix a problem or give you post sales help and training if a question about your system arises. No need to wait for an engineer to arrive on site.



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