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Integrated CCTV and Electronic Security Systems

Our IT expertise and experience with a wide range of products and technologies means we are the specialists who can integrate any aspect of your CCTV and security systems. Whether a new installation, system upgrade or an expansion to an existing system, an integrated system will give you greater peace of mind and an easier to use solution

What are the benefits of integrated CCTV and security systems?

With an integrated CCTV and security system you can feel a greater sense of protection and coordinated system control. For example:

  1. Integrate your CCTV system with your intruder alarm, only recording video footage when and where suspicious activity occurs
  2. Integrate access control with your CCTV system ensure doors are automatically unlocked or opened if a fire alarm is activated to enable safe evacuation
  3. Integrate your intruder alarm with access control and CCTV to lock escape routes and activate surveillance recording if an intruder triggers an alarm.

Unique, customised, integrated security, access control and CCTV systems are what Electric Spider delivers. We understand that each business, each property, each customer, is different – which is why our engineers are trained to advise you on the best options to protect your property, staff, family and guests.

We carry out a full site survey first. Next we discuss your requirements and expectations with you. Then we design a solution that includes the technologies you want, need and best fit your system, to ensure complete protection. Electric Spider are vendor-neutral. As a result, we select best of breed products on the market, so we’re always able to offer you the best solution.

Talk to us about an integrated CCTV and security system

If you are considering your intruder, CCTV or access control system, or an existing system’s maintenance, or maybe you need some help in designing your security solution contact Electric Spider and book a call or appointment with our qualified engineers.

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